Neelakanta Reddy – Genius Screenwriter

Neelakanta is a director who’s essence of Film making is Obviously Realism..


Neelakanta Reddy is an Brilliant Experimental movie maker in the last decade..”Show” was a Breakthrough film  which earned him 2 National Awards..He’s the only person in tollywood to get  National award for Best Screenplay for his Movie “Show”..Though he waited for 8 years after his Debut “Priyanka” tamil movie , he came up with a magnificent story and screenplay in the form of Show..This Ace director said in a Interview that “Show” was made just in 22 days with a minimal budget of 26 lakh..  This Masterpiece was premiered at International film Festival of India..



He has proved that we can make a film without great actors.. “Ghattamanenu Manjula” and “Surya” are the only two notable cast in this movie..The Whole events in this movie takes place for just few hours..  The way he picturized Art was very Delightful..

Now tell me frankly did you saw this movie ? I hope no..  I m requesting everyone to watch this movie..Watch it on youtube…

“Missamma” manifests the showpiece of Neelakanta..Coincidentally this Middle-class director conveys his story with a Middle-class Protagonist..He once again proved that the outcome of a Masterpiece will surely not  depends totally on  star cast and crew..It’s the Story and Script that matters.. The role “Nandagopal” played by Shivaji was very fresh..

“Sada Mee Sevalo”, Emotional Thriller “Nandanavanam 120 Kms” and “Mr Medhavi are his Other Practical Movies..

It’s probably in 2012 when i watched “Virodhi” for the First time.. I was very much fascinated towards that movie.. His representation of “how and why”  Naxals Kidnap Public Figures and VIP’s was cleaned depicted in this Movie.. Srikanth was incredible with his screen presence.. The politics between two major Terror troops is premiered in this movie.. How they apply political attacks and counter attacks is vivid.. And once again this was his second movie to be premiered at International Film Festival of India.. This Naxsalism based movie was Screened in Melbourne International Film Festival too.

Then Neelakanta tasted failure with his Moive “Chammak Challo”.. Though his Intension was clear in this movie too, he wanted to conceive that beauty is present in heart and not in body. Though he starred a underrated and ordinary Hero “Varun Sandesh”, he did his job in his style. The film is just bad but not worse.

Then coming to “Maya” his latest directorial venture did well at box-office.. This time he dealt with a semi super natural element “Extra Sensory Perception”, which means knowing the future in advance..In this Movie Heroine’s  dreams depict the pre-occuring demise events. That’s the reason probably for titling this Movie as “Maya”.. Neelakanta Reddy’s unconventional appraoch made this movie penetrable to Audience.. “Mahesh Bhatt” is planning to redesign this concept for his “Murder-4”.

After “Maya”, no gossips and buzz from Neelakanta Reddy sir, Probably due to lack of Experimental Producers and “Actors” in Telugu.. But I am waiting eagerly for your forthcoming Films.. And “Thanks a ton sir, for conceiving some beautiful and brilliant Movies.”






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