Mohan Krishna Indraganti – The Undisclosed Top Dog in Tollywood

Indraganti Mohan Krishna is one of the few “Genuine” directors in South India.

Indraganti Mohan Krishna is an underrated Telugu Director, and his films are not Well-known to all. He’s a Semi Parallel Film Maker. Though he studied abroad, he knows the Indian Culture well as his ancestors being Telugu literates. He’s been an outstanding writer as his ancestors too are in the writing field.



“Grahanam” – I would call it “Must Watch” rather than “Worth Watch”

Coming to his directorial venture “Grahanam”, he said that though he made a documentaty about Grahanam, it was his “Screen Writing Specialization in Master of Fine arts” that helped him in transforming that documentary into a Film. Grahanam Movie’s cast include Bharani sir and Jayalalitha and a few character artists. Actually this movie is based on “Non Linear Narration”.  The Director should be appreciated for its Unpredictable Story line. Every next scene was unimaginable. The whole plot of “Grahanam” involves mainly “Kanakayya” and “Saradamba”. Saradamba has a great liking for Kanakayya and treats him as his son. And Kanakayya too has good relation with Saradamba. And then take place the weirdest thing to Kanakayya. He is attacked by Dosha Gunam which makes him suffer from the severe fever for few days. The Introduction of “Dosha Gunam” was very new. No one in this world would know about that. It can be briefly explained as the state of having physical relation with an elder women. Bharani sir was ultimate in his role  as Saradamba’s husband. Having known about the condition of Kanakayya, I think in this cinema, Indraganti’s intension was to dramatize the poor Superstitions that are believed by the people without any hesitation. Character Artist “Surya” plays the key role. More or less this movie can be categorized as a Back Drop Movie. And Mohan Krishna Indraganti Won the “Gollapudi Srinivas” National Award for Best First Film of a Film and “Indira Gandhi” Award for first best film of a Director.

And the worst thing is a little people know about this movie. This is because due to lack of Commercial genres in the film which the Uneducated Movie Goers Want now.

Then he made Maya Bazaar with Bhumika which is a Reliable movie. Then he conceived the Classic “Asta Chamma”. Nani, Avasarala Srinivas, Colors Swathi and Bhargavi made their dream come true with this flick. The very naturalistic screenplay and childish behaviours of teenagers was broadcasted in this film. This classic movie did made debutant Swathi win Nandi Award for best Actress.

Then he directed my favourite movie when I was studying in school and that’s “Golconda High school”. It’s a sports drama based on cricket.  This film stars Sumanth, Swathi as lead and Bharani sir in a key role. Besides, this film features several teen characters. Sumanth plays the role of Cricket Coach and Bharani sir as Principle. The whole plot involves around Sumanth and Cricket Team of Golconda High school who try to win in an official cricket tournament to protect their school ground from being exploited. And besides, there are little love scenes in between Sumanth and Swathi. This Film will surely entertain every children and teen.

His urban love related movie “Antha Mundu Aa Tharvatha” can be appreciated for its singular screenplay and for its educative story line. Though the movie didn’t run commercially, it got fine acclaim from critics. This time Indraganti tried something very fresh to entertain mass audience. He provided “Wholesome” entertainment via this movie. There’s romance, love, lust and fun all in this movie. Indraganti’s intension was to depict the responsibilities of today’s wife and husband. He also dramatically showed how a person loves and cares his lover before and after their Marriage. This flick can be compared to Mani sir’s “Alaipayuthey” due to its similar story line. But attempting this kind of genre was something which can’t be conceived without any difficulty. The maturity of youth and the problems they face when they marry early are penetrated to audience in a naturalistic way.  It’s a “Must Watch” movie for all family audience, Youth and students.

Indraganti then tasted failure by directed a commercial movie “Bandipotu”. His ill-advised venture into commercial cinema has now rendered him jobless. We wait for a producer to have faith in him and support good Telugu cinema.




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