Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi (Krish) – Good Sensible Off-beat Film Maker

 Krish is one of the few directors who balance his films between Popular Cinema and Cult Film. That makes him survive in this Mainstream Movie era. He has said in many interviews that he was very passionate about story telling and that makes him a candid story teller. And the way he writes story is something uncommon and very special. Besides, his execution is flawless. And especially the climax sequences in his most films will be heart-rending for the viewers. Actually the fact is that the films which make you cry are strenuous than the films which make you laugh. Probably his intension in dramatizing tragic ending in his films is to manifest that life has tragic events too in addition to happy moments.



Gamyam is a path breaking off-beat movie much needed in Tollywood that time. As many successful film makers are comfortable producing Mainstream films, the upcoming directors too are on the same track. So there’s no hope for Cult films and off-beat Movies. But Krish likes to do Good Sensible cinema. In order to keep things going on, he combines very little Popular Cinema elements to entertain Mainstream moviegoers.

“If you want to understand what life is really, you must explore the world” – It’s the main theme of Gamyam. In the journey to find his lover with Naresh, Sharwa understand what life is, he understands that money won’t make one’s life better. However, in this picture Krish also depicted the meaningless mottos and principles of Naxals. Naresh in this movie have balanced Comic role and also created much emotional impact during the climax at ease. Surely its one of the best movie that tollywood has ever made.

When talking about Anthology Movie “Vedam”, it was the first ever Anthology film I have seen. None of the telugu film makers had attempted this kind of film earlier. Here Krish had flawlessly written 5 stories and then he interlinked each story with other. In Anthology films, execution is the key and Krish was Impeccable in doing so. Generally writing stories, dialogues, funny scenes and emotional scenes doesn’t require much effort but Anthology films will always be a challenging task. It consists of many different lives’s (Stories) which are interconnected.

“Hope”, “Change”, “Value of Money”, “Apathetic” and “Truth on Oneself” are the five short stories in Vedam and Krish was magnificent in casting those 5 characters that include Saranya mam, Anushka, Allu Arjun, Manchu Manoj and Manoj Bajpayee. All were Flawless and fantastic in the respective five short films. Mainly Krish should be praised for the film’s non linear approach of Narration and at the same time he made it simple and easily understandable to viewers. And most probably its screenplay remains most singular in Tollywood. MM Keeravani sir’s music was very situational and stands as major asset to the film. If you observe the lyrics clearly, the songs in this cult movie convey the story.

Noveltry film “Krishnam Vande Jagadguram” deals with illegal mining in Bellary. This flick was comparable to an “Underground Movie” as the film comprises of a little mainstream drama. Rana was apt in his character and was very dynamic in doing the role of an artist. Debutant Milind Gunaji was cold-hearted and manipulative. The film have many spine chilling scenes which will touch your heart. Though, there’s nothing to learn and inspire from this film, it’s just a different attempt against commercial cinema. Whoever watches this film will definitely talk about the theme song. Mani Sharma was at his best in giving an hard hitting theme score which when heard will get goosebumps certainly. Besides it may be difficult for Krish to depict this movie in 3 hours and the last song does that to some extent for Krish.

His latest venture “Kanche” was a Hyperlink film. Krish was always interested in doing different kinds of movies. Here different is not about producing dissimilar genres. It is rather than about changing the way in the process of writing the story. Hyperlink cinema is about showcasing all the flashback sequences and flash-forward scenes either in linear or nonlinear structure. They need not be in chronological order. May be you may have watched Christopher Nolan’s “Momento” which is a Hyperlink cinema with Noir as its background. In Hyperlink films, its non-linear narration will always be a difficult task and is hard to make people understand. Frankly saying I didn’t understood “Momento” at my first watch as the flashback sequences are not in chronological order. But Kanche is written in chronological way and is easily penetrable to audience. And this time Krish followed his previous approach in finishing the movie with tradegy. Though the movie got regional National Award, I am disappointed by the critics who gave 3 for Kanche and 3.5 for Srimanthudu. I am not against Srimanthudu but felt that the critics too became commercial. I don’t know on what basis they are giving ratings. A movie like “Kanche” is worth more than 100 mainstream movies. “Reaching a 100 crore benchmark will just make you a businessman but it needs lot more than that to become a true film maker.”

Now the most enjoyable film “Gautamiputra Satakarni” is gonna roll on floors. After doing successful Anthology and Hyperlink films, this time it’s a “Historical Film” from Krish. Probably he’s one of the few film makers in India to attempt this many different kinds of movie. All the best sir for NBK’s 100th film.


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